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CMMS is the most efficient asset management system. It allows us to offer you infinite possibilities through amazing innovation. This combined advanced management concept with excellent modern technology will reduce your maintenance cost, and improve your overall asset performance.

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    CMMS Computerised Maintenance Management Systems

    EAM Enterprise Asset Management Systems






After collecting data and developing a maintenance schedule for your assets, you need to plan for the long-term maintenance of your asset inventory. Specifically, put a plan in place that revolves around updating and decommissioning assets. In some cases, you may find that a particular asset, even if updated, isn't serving your organization in the best way, making it a non-essential asset that you don't need to continue holding. Similarly, by having a working inventory list and accompanying data, dealing with critical needs and unexpected asset failures will be easier because you know exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to take place.

Remember to keep your plan simple and collect good data. As the first set of international standards for asset management, ISO 55000 is a good resource for getting you started in the right direction and will walk you through setting up your asset management plan, but don't get too caught up in the details. It's most important to get a plan in place; you can always adjust things as you become more comfortable with your  processes and see the need for adjustments.

Managing change for your business

Here at PNA Associates Ltd, we are passionate about incorporating sustainable design principles and ideas as a framework.

Whether your building is large or small, we can offer you installations and planning within your workplace environment. We aim to create a system that fits appropriately with your business and deliver intuitively organised products that surpass your companies needs.

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    CMMS Computerised Maintenance Management Systems

    EAM Enterprise Asset Management Systems





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Once you have a working inventory list, you need to define and determine maintenance and replacement schedules for all of your assets. Asset management and day-to-day maintenance go hand in hand making it necessary to integrate these two things in the facility maintenance software you use. Your facility management software should allow you to set up recurring preventive maintenance schedules so you or an assigned team member will receive a notification whenever a planned maintenance task is approaching. Once you have implemented and are familiar with your facility's maintenance and replacement schedules, you will better be able to plan your budget.

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If you haven't yet developed a strategic plan to manage your facility's assets, it is best that you start as soon as possible. Facility asset management is a valuable tool that leads to consistency in your organization, resulting in transparency, improved planning, risk management and an increased sense of engagement in your team.

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